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Hello! Welcome to the new Forest Ecology group wiki page!

This is very much an experiment at the moment but the idea is that it can be a collective notebook on group research and activities. You're not going to want to put everything up here but if you're creating a file or some code that other group members (or external project members) might use, then here is a place to put it.

If you've not used a wiki before, the basic idea is that the wiki creates webpages from very simple markup that allows you to just type text and use a few bits of syntax to create links and the like.

The basic idea is not for internationally acclaimed web design but quick and simple capture of documentation and ideas that will benefit the group research.

For information on using wikis:

Getting an account

Anyone can view the site2) but to edit pages and add content you will need to log in. You can register using the link at the top right.

At the moment, registration alone will not give you edit access but an administrator will be notified when you register and then they will manually grant you edit access.

The administrators are:

Installed wiki Extensions

Dokuwiki has a large number of plugin extensions available (which only the administrators can install). At the moment, we have the following:

  • move: Renaming files and namespaces in a wiki breaks links - this extension just automates the process of renaming links to allow this if we do want to restructure content.
  • wrap: Wiki syntax is a bit limited in what it can achieve - this extension provides a simple syntax <WRAP class> ... </WRAP> that provides simple alert boxes, centring and a host of other goodies.
  • recaptcha2: Helping to filter out bot registrations
  • logstats: Recording site access for monitoring traffic (if there is any :-))
  • MathJax: Use of mathematical notation in wiki pages.
1) This is our wiki software. There are many like it, but this one is ours.
2) And that does mean anyone - this is a live public wiki.
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