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Welcome to the SAFE Project Wiki pages

The Stability of Altered Forest Ecosystems (SAFE) project is a large scale ecological experiment in the rainforests of Malaysisan Borneo. It was set up to explore:

  1. the effects of forest modification on ecological processes,
  2. the role of forest fragments in mitigating logging impacts, and
  3. the effects of logging on the ecology and hydrology of waterways.

Research directions at SAFE have expanded into a hugely multidisciplinary collaborative network, involving researchers from several large scale consortia. To read more about the project and ongoing research, please visit the SAFE project homepage here:

In addition to research being carried out directly by staff in the SAFE project, the NERC Human Modified Tropical Forests programme has two major research consortia that are working at SAFE and in the broader landscape.

  • BALI: Biodiversity And Land-use Impacts on tropical ecosystem function
  • LOMBOK: Land-use Options for Maintaining BiOdiversity and eKosystem functions

The SAFE Wiki

This wiki site is an experiment in providing a shared knowledge base for researchers working at the SAFE project and in the surrounding landscape. The wiki uses the software to create and serve community created webpages of information and documentation about their research. The aims are to:

  1. Provide a shared knowledge base for core research information about SAFE.
  2. Facilitate collaboration between projects and researchers.
  3. Avoid duplication of effort in creating key data files and inputs.
  4. Promote reproducible research by providing a space to share the code used to create data files and inputs.
  5. Do all of this in a simple and quick way using simple Wiki syntax.
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