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Isabel Rosa
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Hi! I am a PhD student at the Division of Biology, Imperial College of London. The main aim of the project that I am currently working on is to develop a spatial and dynamic model of tropical deforestation, and resultant carbon emissions, for the world’s humid tropical zone.  This model will then be used to test different social-economic (e.g. REDD) and climatic scenarios which will help to predict future impacts and understand how changes in climate and policies will affect the patterns of tropical deforestation and forest degradation. The outcome will be a probability map of forest change in the tropical region as well as an estimation of the resultant carbon emissions. This project is jointly funded by The Grantham Institute for Climate Change and Microsoft Research of Cambridge.

Research interests:

Tropical deforestation, climate change, GHG emissions, modelling land-cover change


Rosa, I, Souza Jr., C and Ewers, RM. 2012. Changes in Size of Deforested Patchesin the Brazilian Amazon. Conservation Biology, vol.6, No5, 932-937. (doi)

Silva, JMN, Carreiras, JMB, Rosa, I and Pereira, JMC. 2011. Greenhouse gas emissions from shifting cultivation in the tropics, including uncertainty and sensitivity analysis. Journal of Geophysical Research - Atmospheres.

Rosa, I, Pereira, JMC, and Tarantola, S. 2010. Atmospheric emissions from vegetation fires in Portugal (1990–2008): estimates, uncertainty analysis, and sensitivity analysis. Atmospheric Chemistry Physics, 11, 2625-2640. (on-line access)