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Dr. Robert Ewers
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My research is geared over the long term towards generating spatially explicit biodiversity scenarios: predicting where and when populations will decline and species will go locally extinct as landscapes are transformed. This research has three distinct components: (1) empirical investigations into species responses to spatial patterns of habitat within landscapes; (2) spatial modelling of habitat loss and landscape change; and (3) drawing together the landscape models and empirical data to generate biodiversity scenarios.

Selected Publications:

Wearn OR, Reuman, DC and Ewers, RM. 2012. Extinction Debt and Windows of Conservation Opportunity in the Brazilian Amazon. Science, Vol. 337 no. 6091 pp. 228-232 (doi)

Ewers RM, Didham RK, Fahrig L, et al. 2011. A large-scale forest fragmentation experiment: the Stability of Altered Forest Ecosystems Project. Philos Trans R Soc Lond B Biol Sci. Vol:366. Pages:3292-3302. (doi)

Banks-Leite C, Ewers RM, Kapos V, et al. 2011. Comparing species and measures of landscape structure as indicators of conservation importance. J APPL ECOL. Vol:48. Pages:706-714. (doi)

Rodrigues ASL, Gray CL, Crowter BJ,Ewers RM, et al. 2010. A Global Assessment of Amphibian Taxonomic Effort and Expertise, BIOSCIENCE. Vol:60. Pages:798-806. (doi)

Ewers RM, Marsh CJ, Wearn OR. 2010. Making statistics biologically relevant in fragmented landscapes. Trends Ecol. Evol. 25: 699-704 (doi)

Marsh CJ, Lewis OT, Said I, and Ewers, RM. Community-level diversity modelling of birds and butterflies on Anjouan, Comoro Islands. BIOL CONSERV. 2010. Vol:143, Pages: 1364-1374, ISSN:0006-3207(doi)

Banks-Leite C, Ewers RM, and Metzger JP. Edge effects as the principal cause of area effects on birds in fragmented secondary forest. OIKOS. 2010. Vol:119, Pages:918-926, ISSN:0030-1299

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