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Sadia Ahmed
sadia.ahmed05 AT
Tel: +44 (0)2075 942263

I completed my MSc with Rob in 2009; the project was based on the effect of landscape extent on fragmentation matrices. My current PhD project is focused on predicting the spatial and temporal patterns of logging road development in the Amazon. I plan on using the road model I develop to investigate patterns of biodiversity loss.

Research interests:

I am interested in how people alter the environment (fragmentation, climate change,other anthropogenic changes) and the effects these changes have on biodiversity.


Ahmed, S, Souza Jr, CM, Ribeiro, J. and Ewers, RM 2013. Temporal patterns of road network development in the Brazilian Amazon. Regional Environmental Change(doi)

Ahmed, S and Ewers, RM 2012. Spatial Pattern of Standing Timber Value across the Brazilian Amazon. PLoS ONE 7(5): e36099. (doi)